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Socialize This!

Thursday, February 22, 2018, 17:00 @ Northwest Film Forum, Seattle

Join RED MAY at the Northwest Film Forum where we pose the question: which part of the bloated, predatory, and inefficient private sector should be socialized? Banks? Energy? Big Tech? Beachfront? We’ll take your suggestions and match them with the video responses from Red May Alums and Left thinkers from around the world, remixed by Tommy Swenson into a short film called Socialize This!

We’ll submit the suggestions to our panel of Seattle’s best and brightest: Councilmember Kshama Sawant; writer-filmmaker Shaun Scott; artist-writer-musician Emily Pothast, UW Assistant Professor Eva Cherniavsky, and Andrej Markovcic of the Seattle DSA. 

After they’ve chosen their favorite candidates for the Post-Capitalist future, we’ll be ready for the grand finale, Red May’s homage to Allen Ginsberg’s attempt to levitate the Pentagon in the 1965 March on Washington. Guided into the heart of the Anti-Capitalist Sacred by the music of Hair and Space Museum, we will channel audience energy into a public act of subtractive poetics and attempt to shrink the Capitalist sphere to the size where it can fit into the bathroom and be drowned in a tub. If we succeed, you will leave the theater and enter a whole new world.

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