Past Events

Red May 2017

Created by Tommy Swenson for Red May's October Revolution Event

@ Vermillion, Oct. 8th 2017

2017 Topics

Luxury for All  |  Left Futurism  |  Capitalism, Technology, and Subjectivity  |  Platform Capitalism  |  The Socialist Case for Full Equality  |  Work in the Age of Deindustrialization  |  Dispatches from an Undeclared Civil War; Poetry and Communism  |  The Eco-Suicidal Contradictions of Capitalism  |  Our Aesthetic Categories  |  Marshall Plan Modernism  |  (Re)Production Struggles in the Age of Trump  |  Neoliberalism: Vampire or Zombie?  |  Socialism and Feminism In and Out of the Workplace  |  Red Planets: The Left Turn in Science Fiction   Philanthropy Against Teachers  |  

Should We Love Our Work  |  A Political Economy of the Senses  |  

October: The Revolution of 1917  |  In the Moment of General Assembly  |  No More Frontiers, Please  Time, Work, Domination  |  Reading Money 


Panelists & Speakers

Jason Adams
Carlos Amador
Sareeta Amrute
Ivan Ascher
Wayne Au
Jasper Bernes
Anita Chari
S. Charusheela
Chris Chen
Eva Cherniavsky
Joshua Clover
Megan Cornish
Glen Sean Coulthard
Iyko Day
Matthew Donovan
Jeff Dorchen
Thomas Foster
Samir Gandesha
Jesse Hagopian

Asad Haider

Michael Hardt


Jason E. Smith
Nisi Shawl
Mohammed Salemy
Andrew Ryder
Jason Read
Chris O'Kane
Minh Nguyen
Sianne Ngai
Christopher Nealon
China Miéville
Alexandra Hedako Mason
Jaleh Mansoor
Geoff Mann
Catherine Liu
Anna Kornbluh
Pete Knutson
Petra lo KendallSpellfish
Nick Srnicek
Justen Waterhouse
Kathi Weeks


Esther Planas Balduz
Felix Gmelin
Talena Lachelle Queen
Kathleen Skeels
Clark Wiegman
Dana Claxton
Matthew Bell
Hami Bahadori
Brandon Aleson