Seattle’s Month-Long Festival of Radical Art and Thought

May 2020

Maybe we can’t move beyond capitalism by next week but we can sure as hell take a vacation from it.

From the buzzwords Seattle is particularly vulnerable to: High Tech. Entrepreneur. The Innovation Society. The gig economy. If everything around us chants “there is no alternative to capitalism,” if all we’re told is that history is over and it ends with us, don’t you think simple mental hygiene demands that we try to think outside of that box for (at the very least) one month a year?


So join us. We want Seattle to turn red for a month. To eat red food (apples, red dots, radishes), to wear red accessories, to get caught red-handed reading Karl Marx, and (while the world maximizes human capital) to live prodigally in the red as if there’s no tomorrow.


Anyone can play. The rules? There are only two. First, riff on red. And second, assume for a month that the market is not the solution to the problems that the market creates.


Take a Vacation

from Capitalism.

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Red May has teamed with This Might Not Work to bring a variety of conceptual art projects from over 20 artists in 2018. Please visit their website to learn more. 
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